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- How can I register for a training course?

You can register for a course by sending us an email at . We will send you an application form and once that has been filled in, an invoice will be sent to you. You will be eligible to join the course upon payment.

- What regulations do AR Aerospace courses comply with?

AR Aerospace complies with EASA regulations. You may opt to be EASA-certified.

- What qualifications will I gain from the training courses?

Different courses will award you with different certifications. Upon completion of a Type Course, you will receive a Certificate of Recognition from our partners, accredited by EASA.

- Are there any prerequisites for the courses?

For Basic Courses, you need at least 12 years of Studies. No prior background is required.

- Upon course completion, how long will I have to wait before I receive my certificate?

You will receive certification up to six weeks after course completion. However, because we deal with training partners from various international locations, do bear in mind that delays may occur.

- Once I have been certified, what is the validity period of the course?

Your certification is valid for a number of years, before it expires (and you will be 8required to undergo retraining). Regulatory courses and type courses are valid for 3 years (EASA), while basic courses are valid for 10 years (EASA).

-Can I request for an exclusive one-on-one training for myself?

For a course to be carried out, we require a minimum of eight participants. This is because the cost of training is shared between participants, to ensure we deliver courses with the most cost-effective prices to you.

- I have a team that needs to be trained. Can we request for in-house training?

Yes, EASA training courses are highly flexible and customizable to cater to each of our customers’ needs, hence, we make in-house training available for all our clients.

What is the typical duration for a course?

Our training course duration spans from one day to over a month, EASA Basic course upto
4 years, depending on the course. Below are the typical lengths of our courses:

Basic Courses– depends on module (4 years)

Refresher Courses – 1 – 3 days (depending on company / customer requirement)

Initial Courses – 2 -5 days

Professional Courses – 3- 5 days

Type Courses – 30-34 days (theory) + 10 days (practical)

- How many retakes are available per module?

The passing mark for all exams is 75%, below which is considered a fail. For Regulatory Courses, three attempts are available, with a three-month interval between each attempt. After the third attempt, you will need to wait one year before your fourth attempt. For Type Courses, you can re-sit the exam for a maximum of two attempts. In the event of failure on both attempts, you must retake the phase.

- Can I convert between B1 (mechanical) and B2 (avionics)? And if so, how?

If you are B2-certified, you will need to take certain additional modules to meet the B1 requirements. The following table is a guide to the additional modules required for the conversion:

- Conversion

B1.1 to B2

Yes, EASA training courses are highly flexible and customizable to cater to each of our customers’ needs, hence, we make in-house training available for all our clients.

- I have paid for a course but am unable to attend. What should I do?

NO, all the fee for any course is non refundable.

- I have paid for a course but I do not wish to join it anymore. Can I get a refund?

We encourage all our clients to put careful consideration into their enrolment before signing up. Unless AR Aerospace discontinues a course that you have already paid for, we are unable to process any refund.

- If I am interested in other services, who should I contact?

AR Air Group is not just a training organization – we are a one-stop aviation solutions provider, offering services to individuals and airlines alike. For enquiries pertaining our other services, you can email:
General .

- Who can I email for feedback?

Your feedback is very important to us. We value the input of each and every one of our clients. We strive to continuously improve our services to satisfy your needs and provide our customers with only the best. If you have any feedback regarding our services, feel free to email your concern to .

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